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Software Conversions

Converting to new accounting software can provide more accurate and timely information that will assist your company is running more efficiently and effectively. Properly implemented software conversions require extensive knowledge of the business, accounting processes and the software as well as time commitments.   The firm provides a full range of software conversion services to assist you during the conversion and transition period including:

  • Chart of account design and mapping existing chart of accounts
  • System set up including percentage of completion accounting, job cost codes and module customization
  • Data record entry including customer records, vendor records, job records and employee records
  • Beginning balance entry including accounts receivable and payable balances, outstanding checks and general ledger account balances
  • Entry of historical information including job cost and billing information, year to date payroll and year to date vendor payments
  • Payroll verification including assistance with initial payroll tax returns and W-2 processing
  • On-site hands on training during the conversion and transition periods
  • Software report utilization to more efficiently and effectively operate the business

The firm specializes in software conversions for ProContractor by Viewpoint and The American Contractor accounting system.  The firm can also assist with the software conversion for Vista by Viewpoint, Sage 100 (MasterBuilder), Sage 300 (Timberline) and QuickBooks.

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